Welcome to Ready Signal

Here is what we do for you:

  1. We source the control data including economic, weather, demographic, and population data sets;
  2. We organize and curate the data by adjusting for time and geographic granularity;
  3. We apply a variety of data science treatments; and
  4. We simplify data ingestion through automated processes.
Step 1

Start from scratch or using one of our templates.

You can customize signals anyway you need by choosing:

  1. Geographical granularity
    (Zip Code, City, County, State, Country);
  2. Time granularity
    (Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year);
  3. Selecting the Features (datasets); and
  4. Using our pre-built Data science treatments, either use our recommended treatments or self-select.
Step 2

Creating or Customizing a Signal

Our Features or datasets are categorized by Economic, Weather, Demographic, an COVID-19.

You can also use our search to explore the Features.

Step 3

Data Science Treatments

In order to make the Features more beneficial to you, we include 15 data science treatments in the Platform including:

  • Differencing;
  • Lead, Lag;
  • Seasonal differencing;
  • Boxcox; and
  • Yeo-Johnson to name a few.

Our Knowledge Base provides explanation of these treatments.

Step 4

Data Output

As mentioned, we simplify the data ingestion process delivering your data to you using a variety of manual and automated delivery connectors.

Manually download to Excel or CSV.

Automatically connect to APIs and the Domo Data Connector.

Other data connectors are being built.

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Take Into Account External Factors Impacting the Accuracy of Your Predictive Models

Data Continually Updated as New Information is Released and Delivered in Several Ways.

  • Economic

  • Weather

  • Demographic


  • Population


Download or Integrate All Our Data Sets Through Excel, CSV, FTP, RESTful API, or Pre-built Connectors, Including Domo.


Data-Driven Decision Makers

  • Individual

    Test new features fast. Change geographic aggregation instantly. Features are updated automatically.

    As an analyst, economist, researcher, or data enthusiast, you will save time, effort and energy by leveraging the power of the Ready Signal platform. The software allows you to aggregate thousands of data sets, standardize the data based on your desired time and geographic granularities and apply automated data science treatments all with the few clicks.
  • Team

    Instantly share features across your team. Automate data science workflows.

    For teams of analysts building predictive models, the shared Signal platform allows for collaboration, more robust Signal characteristics including adding many more features simultaneously. Full automation including data updates and application of data science treatments included directly in enterprise data science work flows through R, Python, Domo, or API.


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Kristie Rowley
Principle Data Scientist
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Sr. Manager, Analytic Services