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Control Data

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Every good machine learning model includes good control data



Key Indicators

  • Historic Weather
  • Future Forecasts
  • Temp / Precipitation
  • Deviation from Average



Key Indicators

  • Government Financial Data
  • Economic Health Metrics
  • Unemployment Rate
  • Stock Market Trends



Key Indicators

  • Population Density
  • Population Growth Rates
  • By State, City, Zip



Key Indicators

  • Census Data
  • Household Income
  • Education Level
  • Voting Affinity

External factors likely impacting the accuracy of your predictive models

Before: Without Control Data
After: With Control Data

While it is widely accepted that Control Data can improve the accuracy of predictive analytics, it is often underutilized based on the required effort, time, and knowledge.​

Ready Signal makes Using control data seamless

Signal flow
Find the right control data

- Access our extensive library of curated control data

- Economic, weather, demographic, and population data available

- View a variety of recommended Covid-19 data sets

- Receive recommendations on data to use based on model type and Industry

Easily organize and manipulate data for testing

- Select and organize features to test

- Apply a variety of data science treatments

- Easily iterate to optimize performance

Simplify the data ingestion process

- Select the desired time & geographic grain to match your model

- Time: daily, weekly or monthly

- Geography: state, city, zip or county

- View Example Output

- Get data on demand or in automated daily drops

- Deliver data to the platform of your choice (API, CSV, Domo, etc.)

Designed for today’s analyst & data scientists

Deliver Better Results

Deliver higher value insights and make a bigger impact with stakeholders by including more and better control data in your predictive analytics.

Get More Done

Execute more data science initiatives and focus on more challenging projects by simplifying the process of finding and using control data in your models.

Scale Team Skills

Leverage recommendations and training to make better decisions and learn new skills. Allow more junior team members to grow and be more impactful.

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