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Businesses across 45+ industries are being served data signals by our platform to empower better predictions.

Get actionable data insights for your business in seconds!

We gather data from multiple sources, automatically curate, organize and update it in a single source platform to deliver you insights that directly benefit your business!

A specialist from our team will give you a custom 15min tour of how Ready Signal can impact your business!

See why small businesses love Ready Signal
Ease of use and saving time!

“As a data scientist, I am impressed with the ease of use the Ready Signal platform provides me. I am able to quickly integrate control data into my data science production pipelines within Domo to support a variety of data science use cases, saving me and my team valuable time“.

Kristie Rowley
Principle Data Scientist
Improved Model Accuracy!

“At Outsell, we are focused on helping car dealerships drive sales and service revenue by improving customer relationships through our Artificial Intelligence (AI) based customer lifecycle marketing platform. Ready Signal’s control data improves the accuracy of our models, and I never have to worry about the data being up to date, Ready Signal keeps everything current for us.“

Matt Kristo
Sr. Manager, Analytic Services
More Robust and Scalable Forecasting Models!

“Utilizing the economic, census, and COVID-19 data sets from Ready Signal in my machine learning applications has led to more robust forecasting models. Ready Signal allows me to focus on the important aspects of my projects without having to worry about spending countless hours working with multiple API's and manually pre-processing data for each project.“

Grant Miller
Data Scientist
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How Ready Signal can help your business grow:

Understand the Marketplace

Monitor and evaluate marketplace factors that are impacting your business, including but not limited to: economic, weather, and demographics.

Explore real world data.
Increase your understanding of the marketplace.

The most powerful self-service control data source software to help grow your business.

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Minimal setup,
maximum results!

Getting started is easy. You can create a customized signal, specific to your business, from scratch by searching for the features you want, or you can utilize one of the templates which are developed to support different industry verticals with pre-populated recommended data features.

Native Integrations
We connect with the software you already use!

Easily integrates with your current workflow!

The Ready Signal platform simplifies the data ingestion process, delivering your custom data feed directly to you utilizing a variety of automated delivery connectors. Manually download to Excel/CSV or automatically connect to APIs.

Make data-driven decisions that will truly impact your business

The most powerful self-service data analysis software to help you grow your business.